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Dissertation Length – How Long My Disertation Is

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What Is the Average Dissertation Word Count?

Of course, the most important thing with your dissertation is that you actually get an accurate answer to what you were investigating. Dissertation length need not be an actual measure of the quality of what you have written. That being said to be able to cover something at masters level to sufficient depth is not something that you are going to knock out in a few dozen pages.

According to a study on the length of dissertations the average length was some 177 pages. This was based on over 2500 dissertations written across different subjects. The majority of the papers ranged from 100 to 200 pages in length.

Many institutions, however, will put in place a firm limit on the number of pages that they expect from you for your reference dissertation. This like all of the other instructions that you receive for writing your paper should be followed to the letter if you do not want to have any issues with your submission.

80000 Words Is How Many Pages?

Many universities will place a limit on the size of your paper. For instance, Cambridge University in the UK sets an upper limit of 80,000 words for a PhD paper and 60,000 on a masters paper. There are some variations on this limit across the different subject areas but these are the general guidelines that are provided for most subjects.

To convert a word count to pages is fairly easy. For double-spaced text with a 12pt font, you can expect a single page to hold around 250 words. For single-spaced text you can, therefore, expect 500 words per page. So 80000 words is how many pages:

  • Convert 80,000 words to pages; around 320 pages at double spacing and 160 single-spaced
  • Convert 60,000 words to pages; 240 pages double-spaced, 120 single-spaced
  • Convert 30,000 words to pages;120 pages double-spaced, 60 pages single
  • Convert 15000 words to pages; 60 pages double-spaced, 30 pages single
  • Convert 5000 words to pages; 20 pages double-spaced, 10 pages single
  • Convert 1000 words to pages; 4 pages double-spaced, 2 pages single

To convert pages to words just use the above process in reverse with every page being either 250 or 500 words depending on the spacing.

convert pages to words with our help

Can You Exceed the Upper Limit for Word Count

While you may feel that your dissertation or thesis requires more pages to do your work justice you really do need to take the person assessing your paper into account. They will have to go through your paper thoroughly so if you have turned into a 150,000-word masterpiece they may very well turn around and simply say “no”.

They only have so much time available to them to review your paper and they will not want to see something that is longer than required. Not only this, a longer paper will tend to indicate either that your writing is less than concise or that you have failed to focus on your subject area well enough. So always keep to the limits that are defined. Some universities do have a process to get extra pages approved but you should ensure that there is an allowance first.

How Many Words Is a Thesis Minimum

Most universities do not have a defined minimum for the length of your paper as they expect that you will be focusing on covering your subject area to a sufficient depth. The important thing is the quality of your paper rather than its final weight. However, if a minimum is specified you should ensure that you do meet that minimum without having to fill your paper with fluff that adds no value.

Convert Words to Pages Calculator

Many of the word processing packages that you will use have very poor accuracy when it comes to things such as word counts and a number of pages. Things such as tables, bullet points, and another formatting can seriously affect what they report to you. So you cannot always trust what they tell you for your word count. This is why you may want to make use of our dissertation word count calculator.

This simple to use tool will quickly and effectively give you an accurate measure of your paper’s word count and page length so that you will know precisely where you are with your writing. Remember however that different university has different rules regarding what is included in your count. Some universities will exclude pages such as your cover sheet, abstract and appendices from the count and only judge the length of your paper based on the main chapters.

We Can Help with Your Dissertation Writing and Editing

Getting your dissertation length spot on and meeting the quality expected of you for your writing is not an easy task. This is why many students will want to turn to a professional service such as ours for help with their paper. We can provide you with the support that you need through some of the best specialists that you will ever find through an online service.

Our experts are very experienced in providing support with the writing and editing of dissertations and hold post-graduate degrees in the areas in which they work to ensure an expert level of understanding with your research. They will work with you through our services to provide you with as little or as much support as you need to ensure your work is completed as required.

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