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MBA Project Management Thesis Importance

As a student of an MBA program, you are required to come up with an MBA dissertation or MBA graduation thesis before you can graduate and get that MBA degree. Since an MBA covers a lot of topics, you can focus on one subfield such as project management. In this subfield, MBA dissertation writing is focused on planning, organizing, and handling temporary project undertaken by businesses. Fund allocation is also an interesting topic in project management.

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Why Is That Important to Write a Good MBA Project Management Thesis?

project management dissertation topics for mba

There are some genuine reasons to write the best MBA project management thesis. You must know about such reasons by reading below:

  • A well-written thesis report has the increased chances of getting accepted.
  • The unique topic, appealing content and precise findings can make the study feasible for conducting future researches.
  • You can get more recognition by submitting a good project management thesis for MBA.
  • It can make you capable to compose a winning thesis report for MS or PhD.

Requirements for MBA Project Management Thesis Writing

You are required to follow these requirements for composing the triumphant thesis project for MBA:

  • Choose the quirky title from several ideas of MBA thesis topics in Project Management.
  • The literature review, theoretical framework, methodology and findings must get more attention of the writer.
  • Make sure that the results have been elaborated properly. Otherwise, the whole paper would be of no use.
  • The certain format is important to follow to make the paper more valuable.

help with mba project management thesis writing

General Mistakes in Crafting the MBA Project Management Thesis

You are supposed to avoid these errors while working on the thesis paper for project management:

  • Lack of adding enough subtitles is a common mistake that affect the overall look of your report.
  • Writing in the first or second person is the major mistakes that need to be avoided. You just have to write in third person format.
  • Imitating the sentences from different websites.
  • Writing the long paragraphs in the report.

Struggling to come up with a good topic for MBA final project? Check what project management research topics we have in stock for you!

List of MBA Project Management Thesis Topics

There are actually a lot of possible MBA project management thesis topics available for MBA students but to come up with one topic, you must devote time and effort to it. While MBA dissertation writing can be tedious, it is also fulfilling after you finish it. To help you formulate your own thesis topic, here are a few sample project management dissertation topics you may want to consider:

  • The effectiveness of project management in a well-established organization
  • Handling projects in a multicultural setting
  • Evaluating the outsourcing projects of IT corporations in the United States to Asia
  • The importance of assessment and evaluation in project management
  • The most common problems in project management and how international companies cope with it
  • Project management frameworks and its applicability in the international scale
  • Project management in the light of international business strategies
  • Decision making in projects requiring inter-agency collaboration
  • The value of project management in a successful business
  • Complexity theory and its implications for project management.
  • Optimizing flowchart usage for organizing deliverables
  • Assessing personality types for defining groups in large-scale projects
  • Methods for a best handling government contract and subcontract projects
  • A model for assessing project costs and timeline
  • Assessing the impact of foreign investments in project success
  • Identifying traits of successful social media projects
  • Integrating mobile technology for project updates
  • Managing cultural and personality differences on project teams
  • Analyzing the role of female leaders in spearheading new projects
  • Effects of staff training duration and investment on project success rate
  • The necessity of strong communication skills development in team members
  • Understanding the role of workforce dynamics in project deliverables
  • Modeling the market flow to determine the viability of future projects
  • Assessing strategies for exiting projects: rationale and reasons
  • Teleworking: An assessment of the benefits and consequences of a remote workforce

It may be apparent that the number of topics here is limited but it can help you formulate your own topic. Since these are broad topics, you can choose to limit them to a specific case as your MBA project management thesis topic.

 Download here more project management MBA dissertation topics!


Sample MBA Dissertation Topic for Project Management Purpose/Practical Application Suggested Reading Sources
How do organizations justify their choice of software development methodologies? When it comes to select methodologies for developing software, then many of the firms forget the basic things to keep in consideration. The only performance and productivity with the output can show it in a better way. The previously developed programs can properly show the use of minds for developing the software. https://melsatar.blog/2012/03/21/choosing-the-right-software-development-life-cycle-model/
Similarities and differences in project management practices across the world. The same practices to work on new and old projects are acceptable in many regions of the world. However, the attention-seeking point is to see the distinctions that differ from one project from other. Nowadays, the organizations are focussing more on doing experiments by conducting researches. This activity helps the firms out to explore new ways of running a project and giving ample success as well. http://www.engineersjournal.ie/2016/10/18/exploring-diversity-similarities-project-managers/
The impact of project length on management control and quality. It is not true that the only project’s length plays a vital role for the success. There are many other things to keep in consideration for it. In some of the technical projects, the quality and management control highly depends upon its length. They seem more in search of the relevant content and finding the accurate results. In other words, the more data can help to gather more information for improving the quality of projects. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-impact-of-a-project-s-length-on-management-control-and-quality
Discovering leadership qualities for successful project management. The success in project management highly depends upon the way you explore leadership. The skilled individual to lead the entire team of a project can take any business to the other level. Therefore, choosing a good leader is highly significant. It can either give enormous success or uncertain failure with no doubt. https://www.pmi.org/learning/library/essential-leadership-skills-project-managers-6699

Tips on How to Choose the Best MBA Dissertation Topic for Project Management

The backbone of your MBA project report on Project Management lies in selecting the research topics for project management. This is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of writing the report. If your topic is too specific, it will be extremely difficult to find enough support in the literature and thorough data analysis to demonstrate your point. However, if the topic is too general, your writing may appear disorganized and confuse the reader as to what the exact focus of the writing is. Since the point of the paper is to demonstrate your communication skills as well as your knowledge of the field, here are some tips on how to develop your thesis topic:

  • Identify your passions. The topic of your thesis should reflect something that you are genuinely interested in, and an issue that you believe truly impacts the field that you are entering. Not only will this type of passion reflect in your paper, but it will also impress upon your reader the type of business professional you are. Choosing a topic that you are not interested in will make it difficult to write.
  • Assess your background knowledge. Since writing the essay requires a lot of literature review and analysis, it makes sense to pick a topic on which you already have some background knowledge. This will make it easier to organize your sources and determine how to develop an argument throughout your writing.
  • Challenge yourself. Your professors will know the level of writing expected of a student at the completion of an MBA program. There are many different levels of topics to choose from, and they will easily spot the rigor of the topic that you have chosen. To demonstrate readiness for graduation, you need to demonstrate that you are ready excel at not only your institution’s expectations but also in the industry. Additionally, your topic is the first thing a reader sees, and it should show them that you are willing to challenge yourself.
  • Pick a unique topic. Although there are some topics that are very easy to write about, especially those which touch on age-old problems and philosophies of project management, it is harder to impress them with these topics because so many students have already written regarding the same thing.

help to choose the best project management topics for research

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