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How to Reference Dissertation: Guide + Generator

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The Importance of Citations and References

When you do your research for your MBA dissertation or any other paper you will always have to look at what others have already discovered and established in the field in which you are doing your work. This will be done to enable you to establish a clear background for what you are doing and to show that your work is important within your field. It will also enable you to show your full understanding of the area in which you are working.

It is vital to reference dissertation sources when you talk about what others have discovered already and you will need to give them credit for their work. This prevents you from being accused of plagiarism and clearly shows the reader what information comes from others and what is your own. Failing to provide credit where it is due can leave you open to many problems and can even see your paper rejected.

Not only must you give credit, your citations need to be provided in a very clear and precise format every time. This format will often change depending on the subject that you are following and even the school or university that you are studying at. This could be anything from Harvard dissertation format through to APA or MLA. Failing to get your work formatted correctly could see it being returned to you to be fixed delaying your graduation significantly.

reference dissertation generator

How Can You Cite This for Me?

There are generally two styles of in-text citations that are used no matter what particular academic writing style you are using. Some will use one or the other and some allow you the choice of which you prefer. The important thing is that you have just the single approach to your citations throughout your paper.

The two approaches are the author, date method which will look like (Name, 2008) or the numeric method which could be (1), [2], 3, or 4. With the author-date method, all of the sources that you mention within your paper will be listed in your bibliography in alphabetical order while the numeric system will have them listed in the numeric order in which they appear within your paper.

How to List Your References in Your Bibliography

The most common formats that you will be asked to use are APA, MLA and the Chicago or Turabian styles. Many other styles that are used are slight variations on these specific formats. The following are a series of examples of how your references should be formatted within your bibliography:

How to write references in thesis APA format

The following examples show how APA format is employed within your paper:
For a book:
Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year published). Book title (Edition). City, State: Publisher.
How to cite a journal:
Author, A. A. (Year published). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume(Issue), pp-pp.
How to cite a dissertation APA 6th edition;
Author, A. A. (Year). Title of dissertation/thesis (Unpublished doctoral dissertation [OR] Unpublished master’s thesis). Academic Institution, City, State [OR] Country.
Citing a website:
Author, A. A. (Date published). Title of the webpage. Retrieved from http://www.url.com

How to structure citations for Chicago style

The following examples cover how your bibliography should reference sources using Chicago or Turabian style:

Citation for a book:

Last, First M. Book Title., Edition ed.[only after the first] City: Publisher, Year published.

Citation for a journal:

Last, First M. “Article Title.” Journal Title Volume, no. Issue (Year published): pp-pp.

How to cite a dissertation Chicago style:

Last, First M. “Thesis/Dissertation Title.” PhD diss., [OR] Master’s thesis, Academic institution, Year.

How to cite a website in Chicago:

Last, First M. “Web page Title.” Website Title. Last modified Date last modified. Accessed Month day, year [not usually necessary]. http://www.url.com.

How to cite for MLA format

The following examples will run you through how your references should be structured in your bibliography for MLA format:

For books:

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Publication Date.

Citation for a journal:

Author. Title. Title of the container (self-contained if a book), Other contributors (translators or editors), Version (edition), Number (vol. and/or no.), Publisher, Publisher Date, Location (pp.). 2nd container’s title, Other contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Pub date, Location.

How to cite a dissertation MLA style:

Last Name, First Name. Title of the dissertation. Dissertation. University, Publication Date.

Use Our Bibliography Generator

A very easy way to create your citations in exactly the right format for your bibliography is to make use of our generator. Our easy to use bib generator allows you to select any specific style that you need your references formatted in and will provide you with a correctly formatted citation every time.

Our generator covers all commonly used styles and many less commonly used formats. Simply select the one that you need and you will be prompted to enter all of the information that is required for the citation. The generator is free to use as well as being totally accurate for all of the styles that it covers.

We Can Help to Write Your Dissertation Bibliography

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The support that we offer always results in totally unique work that is correctly formatted as well as being proofread to a high standard. We offer some of the best quality support that you will find online at a price that you will find hard to match anywhere else. Our confidential services feature a full satisfaction money back guarantee and we will always deliver what you need on time. If you need any help with writing a good abstract for dissertation, we are just here to help.

Should you need help to reference dissertation sources or any other support just contact our specialists here today for reliable and affordable help.

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