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Mainly the project manager should have the abilities to understand and describe easily. Another challenge is that the roles and responsibilities that these are different from company to company. We can get the major important perspective of the main roles and what are the goals and achievement which needs to determine from many resources. The project manager must have some capabilities to accomplish the project. Leading and controlling and taking the pic picture of the matter are the most important qualities which must be in the project manager. It is important to see the main responsibilities of the project manager in one organization(Abbruzzese, 2013).

Generally in some companies the main responsibilities are on the project manager. So that project manager will be responsible for all activities. In other words project manager also called team leader or project coordinator. However the project manager is the key aspect person for the success of the project.The project manager must be having the qualities like he should keep calm under pressure, making sound decisions,he should be a creative person with problem solving skills. What steps to be done for the success of the project? There are some procedures which are used by different managements. If you talk about Ten Step Project Management Processor equal to this approach, your first step will be to define the project and need to explain the details of the project. After that you have to make a plan to fulfill the specific project.The project manager should be seeing all the technical, transactional and transformational aspects of the project

  • Transactional aspects
  • Technical aspects
  • Transformational aspects

This is the time when the project manager’s responsibility starts. If the plan is good and can be rolled out then the Project Manager will be accountable for this achievement and on the other hand if the plan does not work then the project manager will accountable for this. Because this is the project manager’s responsibility to take the right decision on the right time. The work and tasks are contained in the project will define the real meaning of the project. Mainly the project included with scope, approaches and budget etc. The project may contain the characteristics of any other project which can be helpful for this project. This does not mean that project contains the date of another project. The project manager will not do all the work himself; he can use his team to accomplish the project.The team can be work according to the plan & if something goes wrong then the project manager will be accountable for this the team will not be guilty for this(F. Franceschini, 2013).

Responsibilities during Process:

Following are the main points which the project manager should keep in mind when the project starts

  1. Measuring the performance & resolving the issues.
  2. Keep in touch with all team workers.
  3. To aware the colleagues with the project risks.
  4. Ensure the completion efficiency of the project.
  5. Ensuring the changes to be made with the approval of management.
  6. Manage the work in such a way that work plan complete on time within the budget.
  7. The good performance of the team workers will be a plus point.
  8. The key issues such as delivering incomplete requirements, poor communication with the client,irregular meeting schedules,budgeting problems,and most importantly poor management of risk should not be there in the project.

Suggested project

As Google is regarded as a better search engine, we can use it further to facilitate people on earth. Working with Google is an excellent opportunity to bring out new projects. Although, it takes a huge amount of time but below is somewhat that can be started with Google.

An online official shopping center with the tag name of Google can be set up. Here, every sector of shipping will be involved and big brands will be given a chance to shake hands with Google. A number of other online shopping carts are working but it will be an edge over them.

a)   Project evaluation

Project evaluation involves the systematic collection of information about activities,characteristics and outcomes of an activity or action in order to determine its worth or merit.The project is evaluated on following factors;

  1. Risk management
  2. Contracting
  3. Tendering
  4. Costing

Risk management

Risk management plays a vital role in the management sector. Risk management has an important contribution to the effectiveness of the project. We can find many justifications and suggestion related to the risk management which can be used to take the best decision. Furthermore it is also suggested that, threat and event base projects can show the results in a negative sense. It can be because of lack of attention in several important times certainly. Lake of knowledge can also be the cause of this. A deep and comprehensive treatment of the project requires some approaches which modifies the current process. Uncertainty Management instead of Project Risk Management can help to shift the process from a threat focus into a greater concern with understanding. It can also manage all the needful tasks and recourse of project uncertainly. Any more on this process will also assist the shift of emphasis and might be an example. Any other emphasis may be a more suitable format for this project(Joe Knight, 2013).

If some projects have many advantages, on the other hand there are some projects which has some negative points too. So, the main weakness in the  process is that they cannot focus on their operational variability performance activities. A common and simple argument can be identified and can treatment of the conditions while developing estimates. Known, unknown and bias has to allow for some levels in the organization. But this is not efficient for these issues to consider only at the project level. Finally an uncertain management approach should facilitate the integration of the project. The only need is to explore and understand the uncertainty of the project. The effect of uncertain management is more than the threat orientated. Comprehensive management should operate as an important extension of the project development with the influence of project design and basic plans on a routine basis(Kerzner, 2009).


Contracting basically defines as the branch of law dealing with formal agreements between parties.Contracting procedure of this project can be done in the following two ways. These are:

  • An open procedure
  • Negotiated procedure

Both the procedures are discussed bellow in detail.

(i) An open procedure

According to the rules and regulation, the main subject of international open tender procedure is followed by the publication of a procurement notice. The main point is that the commission will be on behalf of the recipient awarded framework contracts on a repeated basis of the given item or category of items. In this case, supply contracts are awarded by an open procedure in which the procurement notice is published only in the recipient country. Then tender procedures are published with references. It includes country information, contract, and the type of contract using the information of delegation where the company will be able to get more information (Knight, et al., 2013).

(ii) Negotiated procedure

With the prior agreement of the commission the recipient may be awarded supply contracts by negotiating procedure in the following situations:

With the Commission’s agreement, the recipient may award supply contracts by negotiating procedure in the situations. Simplified procedure. Supply contracts under €30 000 are awarded by simplified procedure. Three suppliers must be consulted, but no procurement notice need be published. However, the contracting authority may place orders for supplies of a value of €5 000 or less on the basis of a single quote(Knight, et al., 2013).


Tendering is the process of making an offer, bid or proposal, or expressing interest in response to an invitation or request for tender. Organisations will seek other businesses to respond to a particular need, such as the supply of goods and services, and will select an offer or tender that meets their needs and provides the best value for money.

The tendering process is generally utilized for procurements or contracts involving substantial amounts of money. Tendering is utilized by:

  • Government departments, offices and agencies
  • Private sector companies and businesses
  • Overseas markets and businesses

While the concept of tendering may seem daunting at first, it can be easily tackled by having a plan of ‘attack’. When becoming involved in a tendering process, it is important to understand your business’ suitability for the project; whether your business’ current situation will allow for you to tender, as well as your ability to manage the contract if you are successful in winning the tender. By understanding these points and ensuring you can demonstrate that you are able to meet the criteria and offer a competitive bid, you will increase your chances of success.

Some international rules must be followed for tendering process which are given below:



To ensure the possibilities participation in a competitive sector, the tender and the requisite transparency a specific procurement notice must be published and issued to every single person which is related to the tender procedure.

Publication period

That procurement notice is published in the official journal of the European Communities on specific time period basis. This procedure is done on the internet through websites and in any other appropriate proper media channel. The commission is responsible for the publications of the official journal and the procurement notice of the European Communities on the web. The recipient should see the local publication. The notice issued by the commission must identify clearly and precisely with the completion of words having proper meaning. Time has important too in the appearance of the procurement notice published on the internet. This process should be at the same time(Knight, et al., 2013).

The tender partied in the contract, their questions should sent to suppliers to the recipient

Country or Europe of the recipient.

Required with tenders

It is an essential requirement that the documents of the tender be carefully sent for not only the purpose of the sound functioning of award procedure but,it’s also for the proper execution of the contract. There are some rules and regulations of this contract which should be agreed by all the parties of the contract.  These documents should contain the information about the parties by contract and all provisions which will help the contract to be accepted e.g. cases of noncompliance and award criteria etc. the responsibilities related to this contract is generally falling to the recipient which should be submitted the tender to the commission for approval (Matta & Ashkenas, 2003).

How tendering will be done?

Tenners are given following instructions which includes:

(i)                 Criteria for giving contract

(ii)               Information about variants, if they are a unit, authorized and

(iii)             Currently used by tender

The overall conditions for providing contracts are;

• Special conditions, that amplify, supplement or belittle from the overall conditions and, wherever they conflict, override them,

• Performance,

• Value schedule (for completion by the tenderer),

• Tender form,

• Contract kind,

• Guarantee forms from a bank or similar establishment for:

  • Tenderer (1-2% of the budget out there for the contract),
  • The payment of advances,
  • Performance (10% of the contract value)

Unless bonded by the character of the contract, technical specifications mentioning product of a given complete or origin are thereby favoring or excluding; sure product area unit prohibited (Royer, 2003). However, wherever product can’t be delineated, in an exceedingly, sufficiently clear or intelligible manner, they may be named as long as they’re followed by the words “or equivalent”.

a)    Project implementation

Implementation is the stage where all the planned activities are put into action. Prior to starting  the Project Implementation Process , projects must have successfully completed the Project Evaluation Process and the project has been approved for implementation. The Project Evaluation Process includes performing a needs analysis, and architecture review, and vendor contracting. The project evaluation could result in the definition of one or more projects to be implemented. Several distinct implementation projects rather then one large implementation could limit risk and aid in scope and resource management.

Risk management in project

Risk Management will build a very important contribution to effective project management. However, there is some justification for that the current processes are a Threat Oriented, which will limit the contribution that makes the better performance of the project. But, being a threat orientation isn’t the only concern. Specifically, it’s instructed here that a threat and event-based perspective may result a lack of efficiency which is essential during project execution connected uncertain events, variation in results, ideas, role of assumptions concerning operational conditions, and therefore the development of acceptable objectives and associated trade-offs(Joe Knight, 2013).

A straightforward, however effective root, involves the use of the phrase Project Uncertainty Management rather than Project Risk Management.This would facilitate to shift processes from a threat focus to a bigger concern with understanding and managing all sources of project uncertainty.Further, method modifications would additionally assist this shift of stress and may embody, for example: additional stress on recording data in appropriate format concerning the idea for estimates in order to guide future refinement of estimates and analysis. Additional stress on understanding ‘Root’ uncertainties facilitated by frameworks like the Six.

Developing strategies for examination performance objectives and perceived trade-offs between them. Additional stress on quantitative approaches that do not obscure variants.

A weakness in current processes is that they’re ‘Not Without Delay,’ focused on sources of operational variability in the performance of organizational activities. Uncertainty found in management is facilitated sometimes such as focus and additional focus on the requirements to grasp and allocation of variable results within organizational functions which is into a variety of charms(Romano & Greenstein, 2012).

A similar argument applies to the identification and treatment of the conditions (no matter if they are known or unknown)assumed to prevail once developing estimates.‘Known Unknowns’ and bias got to be allowed for at some level within the organization and it’s not economical for these problems to be thought of solely at project level.Again, Again, uncertainty management perspective highlights the need to deal with some aspects of the project connected uncertainty outside of explicit project contexts, as part of managing the project infrastructure, taking a program or company read(Romano & Greenstein, 2012).

Success Criteria for project

Establishing a chance of success criteria relies on sound risk management fundamentals that area unit accepted and practiced throughout the project management community. The key thing in risk management is to figure out the risks associated with the task in order to avoid future difficulties.Using efficient thinking to managing risk, the participants will lesser down the effects and chances of unpleasant situations and at the same time, they will be able to have good results.While arranging muse for an efficient chance of getting success, tenders and stakeholder  can ought to offer the required leadership in making associate surroundings which foster arguments in risk management while not restraint. The standards of such operation can consist of an equivalent element that relies on the quality of a project.

Risk Management method

Since,the risk and the chance of success area unit opposite sides of an equivalent coin, it stands to reason that top risk equates to low chance of success. Provided that, a fair chance of success will be the impetus that switch any project to approach towards its ending method, well-organized coming up with, organizing, dominant or prominent needed. Striking focus can ought to tend to the identity of team members that area unit neither risk averse nor risk takers. Risk classification and its effects on businesses and finally the method utilized for preparation of results act as a risk to stakeholders (Wiegers, 2012).

A chance of success balanced card may be a framework that gives good read of various classes assigned with a risk management chance of success story. The chance of success balanced card can lay out certain conditions for supporting project chance of success threshold(Abbruzzese, 2013). The balanced scorecard can contain views across multiple dimensions such as:

● Scope/Requirements

● Budget

● Schedule

● Resources

● Technical feasibleness

● Adherence to Established Processes

● Business profit

Each dimension can embody one or additional risk that is achieved using project details.It is to assess the project’s chance of success fora specific purpose at occasions. Such gained results can be used to access the required ones using this approach.To increase more chancesof success criteria is established with such card designed using risk feature.The progress of the project using the project management; life cycle and information can be gained using a risk amendment(Knight, et al., 2013). Therefore,it is necessary to comprehend card which may be a good change in the project.With the advancement in the project, quantity of amendment card could lower the amount of uncertainties ought to begin in order of ending.

While changing card, it’s essential to possess the suitable tenders and supporting agencies for commonplace amendment management procedures. For making any change in card should help the POS threshold. The card will function in an efficient process so that the project POS towards supporting ends.

Scope of Project

As project tasks area unit completed, expected work product and/or deliverables are a unitproduced. The content of this project’s artifacts area units inspected to make sure quality levels. A project object of sub-standard quality can have a negative impact on all shoppers of that data. Forinstance, a needs Specification with vital ambiguitywill negatively impact the team members planning and testing the top product. Thereare several tools and techniques used for measure part to finish deliverables and area unitusually numerically primarily based. The numerical information will be raw, composite or mixed innature. Samples of sure measures will be the shareof needs focus, saturation and quantitative relation of inaccurate results in it(Chrissis, Konard, Shrum, 2006). An easy way to leave the standard of comes artifacts will using stakeholders. Different effective ways that area unit via examination ofthe deliverables of a thematic matter professional World Health Organization isn’t related to the project.

The number of amendment requests to issue into scope activity. Changerequests are a unit usually driven by unplanned work, new deliverables, and poor requirements gathering to sell many. All of those are a unit varieties of scope creep and maybe measured(Joe Knight, 2013).

Budget of Project

Project prices area unit typically estimated with much care so that there will be no chance of any tough situation during its implementation. A chance of success criteria should establish the utmost allowable prices a project will incur while not Adv

Briefly impacting the working procedure and business as well. These prices are going to be a composite of “The Total Of Agreement And Nonconformance Prices”.The prices known within thecriteria will be diagrammed as a share larger than the project’s baseline prices(F. Franceschini, 2013).

As the project progresses through the life cycle, value estimates are a unit usually refined and the level of accuracy can increase.As associate example, “a project within the initiation part might have a rough order of magnitude(ROM) estimate within the vary from -50 to + 100 percent. Later within the project as additional data are known, estimates ought to slim to a variety of -10 to +15%”. The financial area unit is an excellent tool to figure out the performance using the value of set goals in which prizes are not neglected. The bulk of corporations is a unit that can work efficiently and can forward satisfaction reports with their work.Effective tools associated with prices will be as easy as victimization a surpass spreadsheet to trace the comes arrange prices to the particular prices.

Scheduling project

Schedule activity is comparatively easy. Schedule Performance Index (SPI) functions well as a metric. Historical SPI’s area unit want to verify once a project is simply in hassle or in peril of not reaching essential objectives(Matta & Ashkenas, 2003).

Resources for project tenders

All comes consume resources. Applying the correct resource at the correct time is essential to success. Resource key performance indicators like handiness is an understandable metric. A balanced card should conjointly embody different elements of the resource management arrange like ability and knowledge. In an exceedingly extremely matrixed organization. The POS criteria have to think about different essential comes that area unit competitors for an equivalent resource.

Project evaluation

Since project moves towards further steps, it’s necessary to live while indicating the possible outcomes, efficiency also management of the enterprise at each step of the evaluation. Having concerns with the value in method, the working body should assess the present situation of organization’s terms and conditions.  As uncertainties area unit rised while risk is figured, a root cause analysis can take place depending upon strong credentials for the achievement of results (Knight, et al., 2013). Careful attention given to the performance throughout the execution method cluster as most part of the project is done at recent point. The internal processes chance of success criteria area unit geared towards measure the standard of the general evaluation of the project is arranged. If the standard of the method has at enough level supported the clients’ view then the results obtained will be made ought to in-turn beat enough level. The value as well as indicating factors of performance price Management will be an efficient thanks to determine advance steps in time also prices by examination which have been planned before.Some sort of changes in controlling procedure also are required to support chase such programs. Moreover, some others that to perform method evaluations,are a unit using officials, stage gate reviews, and/or peer review.

Business profit view of project

The business case has to be reviewed at multiple points within the project life cycle to ensure that the project justification remains valid which the project can deliver thesolution to the business want.

At a minimum, this review ought to happen because the project moves from one method cluster to the next and with each amendment request(Knight, et al., 2013). The results of a review could trigger the sales event method. The business case may additionally besubject to modification if the review concludes that the business want has modified.

c)   Critical view

Often, when a project is delayed and delivered to its low quality work, it is not being appreciated by the citizens and people, on the other hand if the team makes some delays but deliver the project with high quality precision then people forget about the delay or anyother bad impression, they are rather pleased with the good team work. It is also to be noted that those projects which have low ratings in the initial process have bad effects on the upcoming processes of the project management. So, the planning process for the project should be strong enough for it to be appreciated bt the audience and minimizing any kind of delays. The technical specifications should be handled cleverly in order to keep in track to the the estimated cost of the project.

Finally, for performing all the things in the project in a very good and effective manner the critical path determined for the project by the project manager should be of prior importance. The Critical path of the project is what ultimately determines the length of the project, this means it determines how, where and at what timing should the certain parts be done.


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