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Writing a Good Abstract for Dissertation – Avoid Clichés

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    The Importance of Writing a Good Abstract for Dissertation Papers

    Writing a good abstract for papers with proper dissertation length is very important as this is often the first thing that anyone will read the title. Its purpose is to provide the reader with a clear summary of exactly what your paper is about so that they can decide if it is something that they want to read. Well written it will attract readers that are interested in your research area. Poorly written it could see your paper overlooked even if it contains what the researcher was looking for.

    So it is very important that you take the time to ensure that you carefully summarize your paper in a way that is going to fully inform the reader exactly what to expect from your paper. This means avoiding language that is vague and also clichés within your writing. More often than not we find ourselves using clichés, often without even realizing that we have.

    But, why are clichés bad? Clichés will often be so overused that they are just no longer effective and come across as very weak writing. It gives the impression that the person writing is uncreative and lazy; not really what you want someone to think if you are expecting them to read your paper. This is why you must make every effort to avoid the use of them in your own writing.

    help with writing a good abstract for dissertation

    Common Clichés in Writing an Abstract

    The abstract has to look completely professional and formal to give the best possible view of what your personal research is going to cover. Whether you are seeking to avoid clichés in writing fiction or within professional academic writing you first need to be able to identify them. If you don’t know what they are then they can be hard to avoid.

    Knowing what they are and having some useful phrases for dissertation writing that are more formal to replace them with is very important. The following are some examples of what you should avoid within your writing along with some suggestions as to what you should write:

    • Explored every avenue; replaced with investigated alternatives
    • A stumbling block; this is a “point of contention”
    • In recent years; this should be just recently or a specifically defined period
    • Part and parcel; intrinsic to
    • Beyond a shadow of doubt; replace with definitely
    • Got out of hand; was no longer under control
    • Was easier said than done; it was more difficult in practice
    • Above board; is legitimate

    Some Useful Phrases to Use in Your Dissertation Abstract

    Writing a good abstract for dissertation papers is not going to happen by accident. You have to fully understand just what you should be covering the page or so that you write. You will need to write your abstract according to the requirements of your course, this is usually dictated as being anywhere from 150 words to 350 words depending on what you are following.

    Your abstract is a summary of your whole dissertation and should contain a sentence or two covering each and every main section of your paper from your introduction and literature review through to your findings and conclusions. Often it is handy to have a few phrases that you can adapt for each of the sections of your abstract:

    • For the introduction:
      • This study:
      • Explores why…
      • Examines the role of…
      • Assesses the impact of…
      • Is motivated by the following research questions…
      • Offers the following hypothesis…
    • For the Literature review:
      • Previous research has shown that…
      • Literature on XYZ has focused on…
      • Drawing on XYZ research we can argue that…
    • Conducting the research:
      • We employed multiple methods to test…
      • We conducted in-depth case studies of…
      • Using a sample of…
      • We tested these hypotheses using…
    • Findings:
      • The findings from the research shows that the impact of…
      • The findings suggest that the effect of…
      • The findings address a controversial belief among…
    • Conclusions:
      • The findings support the prediction that…
      • We conclude that…
      • The findings support the model…

    Using a Cliché Finder

    We can provide you with a tool that can be used for avoiding clichés within your abstract and other formal writing. Simply input your text into the box provided and the software will quickly work its way through what you have written to find all of the clichés and other phrases that you really should be avoiding within your writing. This tool is free and easy to use and will identify the offending text within your writing rapidly allowing you to fix it.

    By identifying all of these poor selections within your writing you will be able to significantly improve your writing. Continued use will help you to identify those phrases that you tend to use repeatedly helping you to avoid them when doing your writing in the future. By having your writing improved you will be able to gain better grades and will be more likely to impress others with your writing.

    We Can Help with Writing a Cliché Free Abstract

    Writing any part of your dissertation is a tough and time-consuming task. Thankfully we have the support that you need to make your task easier. We can offer you perfectly tailored support through staff that hold post-graduate degrees and has many years of experience with the writing of dissertations in your field.

    They work with you and provide all of the help that you need to be able to write an abstract that will be totally free of any clichés. It will also be unique and provided with a plagiarism report as well as being carefully proofread so that there are no errors at all. All of our services are covered by a full satisfaction guarantee or your money back. We are ready to help you with any task, find latest gd topics to choose.

    To get the most effective and reliable help with writing a good abstract for dissertation papers just contact our experts here today.

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